Independent and intriguing, comes a poet and her minstrels Raven Black. She is known to many as a soul singer. Raven Black has performed all over Ontario at some of the best pagan festivals for many years now. We of the Paganfest  Series welcome her to perform at SEEDfest May 25th-27th, (She will also be at Paganfest July 18th-23). You won’t want to miss out, and if by chance you do, look for her around the bonfires. Or shall we say listen to her amazing voice as it travels well in the park at night.

RavenRAVEN moved to London, Ontario and found a few kindred spirits and they continue to play with their love for music & nature…which explains why they choose an organic spiritual sound. Shawn is not only the other half of Raven Black, he is one of Melissa’s muses, together they write informative lyrics with smooth acoustic inspiration! Their influences are folk, alternative and blues-inspired with a few twists. They play with true conviction and emotion! The self-titled independent CD has haunting, activating lyrics with the intent of emotional journeys. Travel with her in song!

Singer, SongwriterRaven Black

Shawn Lint songwriter, Rhythm guitar, Djembe
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